The Original Love Song CD is available with two different covers
The Original Love Song
Makes a Great Christian Wedding Gift, Christian Anniversary Gift, or Christian Valentines Day Gift
The Canticles

An Intimate Interpretation of The Song of Solomon with
an Enchanting Soundtrack Utilizing Natural Frequency Music

Experience a special kind of romantic enlightenment as you enjoy this most unique and sensuous presentation of The Song of Solomon (Song of Songs).

Hand-picked, word-for-word for poetic flow and imagery from five different translations of the Bible, The Original Love Song captures the charm of the old-world vernacular while stirring your emotions with intimate inflection. Each and every verse is then complemented with its own superbly crafted musical soundtrack; tastefully weaving God's guidelines on love, romance, and virtue into a compelling, theatrical-styled story.

Conceived initially as a must have wedding CD for all young couples embarking on a lifelong journey of love and intimacy, the authentic interpretation of The Original Love Song sings true for some Christian scholars; helping to confirm The Original Love Song as an excellent resource CD, and making it the only reference of its kind for marriage ministries and church libraries.

Should you be looking for the perfect wedding gift, a romantic gift for the love of your life, or seeking a unique and enlightening journey through the twenty-second book of the Bible, with The Original Love Song, if you listen closely, you cannot help but hear the language of love.