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The Original Love Song is Harmonically in Tune with Nature

One of the most unique aspects of The Original Love Song is its compelling aural imagery. While listening, you'll notice there is a kind of magnetism about the presentation; something that is especially alluring… but you just can't quite put your finger on it.

The secret? The Original Love Song is the first and only Biblical based musical presentation that we know that is tuned to Earth's natural harmonics and not the A440 standard. It gives the music more power; matching the vibrations that naturally occur in your mind and body”, claims award winning film composer, Natural Frequency Music® expert and composer of The Original Love Song soundtrack, Alan Howarth

This method of tuning is based on a natural system of mathematics in which nature uses to describe itself; adhering to the fact that everything in our God-given universe resonates at a specific frequency... a natural frequency. Natural frequencies are of course nature's standards for all living beings. Nature is tuned like a Grand Living Orchestra which is in perfect harmony with itself. Natural Frequency Music®, is based on the sounds of nature so it creates an encompassing experience - very beneficial to your brain and body."

Natural Frequency Music® transparently enhances the listening experience of The Original Love Song; helping to whisk the listener off to a very special place. Many who have listened have come away quite moved.

Please scroll down, click on the titles below, and enjoy the following .mp3 examples.

Awake O North Wind - Chapter 4, Verse 16
My Heart Stayed Awake - Chapter 5, Verse 1-6
The Chiefest - Chapter 5, Verse 15 to Chapter 6, Verse 3
Rise Up and Come Away - Chapter 2, Verse 9 to 13
Who My Soul Loves - Chapter 2, Verse 2 to 4
The Nut Orchards - Chapter 6, Verse 11 to 13

We are utilizing the public domain King James Version Bible as a base script, and employing segments of the Amplified Bible, the NIV, NET, and the NAS versions.

All music with the exception of the choir in in Rise Up and Come Away (Chapter 2, Verse 9 to 13), is formatted in the RA Music System.